R. Bultowicz
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"In the person of the singer and violinist Maria Natanson there is a youth plus a feminine self-confidence and musical sovereignty - she is currently considered the rising star of the Polish folk scene. And rightly so!" Cathrin Alisch, Folker

"At the moment CACI VORBA is one of the best (beside Dikanda and Sarakina) Polish folk bands which play Balkan notes." Wilczyn Warszyc, Forum RRI Radio Wid

"Together they call to mind a fairytale orchestra, which proceeds surprising musical voyages in Middle and East Europe." Grzegorz Józefczuk, Gazeta w Lublinie



  • Tajno Biav "Secret Marriage" (2011, Oriente Music)- Top of the World Album / Songlines Magazine
  • True Speech "Szczera Mova" (2010, Oriente Music)- German Records Critics Award, Top of the World Album/Songlines Magazine


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